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Planet Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Planet Coffee Roasters, Inc.
Coffee Beans
Planet Coffee are 100% Arabica coffee, which is the better quality, more flavorful species of coffee, used by the higher quality specialty segment of coffee market. Planet Coffee is selected from the finest beans, then roasted and packaged to maintain rich taste and aroma.

  • Banana Foster
  • Columbian

  • Freshly roasted Columbian coffee beans are rich in flavor, medium bodied. It has a bright acidity and intensely aromatic.
  • Decaffeinated

  • It have at least 97% of its caffeine removed.
  • Double French

  • Our darkest roast! Very smooth, medium bodied, caramely, spicy, and smoky. The beans have an almost black and decidedly oily appearance. The highest quality beans for this French Roast are custom blended from two types of beans, and then slow roasted until the oils just start to appear on the beans. This develops the darkest richest flavor possible.
  • Double French Blend
  • Double French Gourmet
  • Esspresso

  • Espresso is a quick coffee brewing method that was conceived and developed using dark roast coffees. The extra time in the oven ruptures the cell structure of the bean, allowing a complete, fast, flavor extraction. A very dark roast, but less dark than French Roast.
  • French Roast

  • Deep, dark, and glistening with flavor oils, robust French Roast coffees are great after dinner or any time of the day.
  • French Roast Dark

  • Light French Roast is also known as Dark Roast. This coffee has a robust, smooth taste with no bitterness. The most popular dark roast: smooth, rich, smoky flavor with spicy characteristics and surface oils for a perfect after dinner drink. This is an extremely strong coffee that is often used for making espresso type drinks.
  • French Roast Gourmet

  • French Vanilla

  • Rich, smooth and creamy vanilla.
  • Hawaiian Hazelnut

  • Ripe hazelnuts.
  • House Blend

  • This blend of light and dark roasts.
  • Irish Creme

  • Finest Irish cream liqueur.
  • Italian Roast

  • A term applied to coffee roast that is darker than French Roast. As the name connotes, it is frequently used by Italians, but also by many other coffee producing countries. Italian Roast produces coffee beans ranging from dark brown in color with rich, bittersweet flavors to nearly black with a burned flavor.
  • Mocha

  • A term which usually describes chocolate being used in some capacity in a coffee or espresso drink.
  • Snickerdoodle

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