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Planet Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Planet Coffee Roasters, Inc.
Take your time to browser these frequently asked questions.

Where does our coffee come from?

Our coffee is from growers in South and central America where grow the best coffee in the world.

Is our coffee fresh? Pure coffee?

Definitely yes!
We do not roast the coffee and store it for months like other companies. We roast it per order! We know it would cost us more, but in consideration of the freshness of coffee, we should do so to bring out the best of coffee to our customers.

Our coffee is pure coffee, not the combination mixing with other cheaper sources to lower the price. You might not know that nowadays the cost of coffee is rising. Some coffee roasters would use the ADDITIVES like chicory root to mix with coffee in order to bring down the cost. We do not do that!

Where can I buy/enjoy your coffee?

Planet Coffee is served to you worldwide! If you are outside of USA, please call Toll Free:
1-888-461-2679 for information.

I have a coffee shop using other kind of coffee. Since my business established for years and my customers get used to it, I know Planet Coffee is better, but is it risky to switch to your coffee?

First of all, thank you for trying Planet Coffee.
We understand your concern. However, you not need to worry about it. The quality of coffee is the most important! Your customers will appreciate you if you provide them the better coffee! Coffee drinkers are very sensitive. They will taste out the different in quality.
Definitely, do not switch to the worse coffee.
You might switch to the same quality coffee if it is cheaper. You definitely should use the better coffee regardless of its price.
If our coffee is not good or any one thinking the same way you do, we would not survice our business! Day by day, more coffee busineses use Planet Coffee instead of their used-to coffee.

Good luck to your business!

If you could find your question(s) answered, please ring us or just fill in the contact form, we will contact you with in 24 hours.

Planet Coffee Roasters, Inc.
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