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Planet Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Planet Coffee Roasters, Inc.
Our coffee is from growers in South and central America. Coffea arabica is the scientific name, which is a native to Ethiopia. Eventually, the Dutch able to break monopoly from Arabia by cultivated the coffee plants in Java in their botanical gardens. From there, these plants are able to make its way across the great ocean to the new world. Before the coffee encounters your taste buds, Coffea arabica was a fruit of red or yellow color. It has to go through a vigorous picking and drying process to remove its fruit to retrieve the green bean inside.

Roasting Coffee
Green coffee bean is a pure natural product, which arrives to us from our growers. We realized that like any natural agricultural product, raw coffee beans come in different sizes, flavor, and moisture content. We take this into consideration during roasting process. We can control the temperature of the heating drum and the time coffee exposure to the heat in order to make this process as perfect as possible by expelled the moist and caramelized the sugars.

Brewing Process
We are going through great length and scrutiny to create perfect batches of coffee. In order to preserve the ideal taste, grinding equipments and brewer machines have to be clean. Coffee grinding size has to be correct for different situations; examples fine grind for espresso and coarser grind for drip coffee. Only then, you can enjoy a cup of our coffee with the highest acidity, aroma, and body.

Flavored Coffees
To make your own spiced coffee, grind a mixture of some or all of these spices and add it to medium roasted coffee as you grind it. Use 1 oz/25 g spices to 1 lb/500 g coffee. Additives like chicory root, once used to eke out coffee when it was in short supply or too costly, are rare today, but coffees now come ready-flavored with essences of vanilla or chocolate, hazelnut of brandy.

Planet Coffee Roasters, Inc.
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